Marion Young . . .

                                 is an award winning poet and book author.

                                 born with amblyopia commonly referred to as a "lazy eye".

                                 is someone who learned to read and write at twelve years old. 

                                 is a braille and low vision expert. She taught braille to students with blindness. She                                              instructed students with low vision from infancy to twenty-one..

                                  instructed students with Down syndrome, microcephalic, Autism, those who travel in                                           a wheelchair, and other students from infancy to twenty-one for twenty years.

                                  earned a BA in Elementary Education from Metropolitan State University of Denver and                                     an Endorsement  in Visual Impairments from Texas Tech University. 


                                 is a grandmother of redheads.

                                 was raised in Michigan. She's lived in Detroit, East Lansing, Denver, and Omaha. Now she                                  lives in Texas with her family.  

                                is a world traveler. She's toured New York City, San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale, Los                                             Angeles, London, Toronto, Paris, and Rome.


Christina Mattison Ebert is an illustrator and mixed-/multi-media artist specializing in children’s book illustration, editorial illustration, mixed media animated videos and mixed media fine art commissions. She is currently pursuing an Master of Fine Arts degree in Visual Narrative at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and plans to graduate in the summer of 2017. She currently lives on the “Third Coast” in Galveston, Texas, with her husband, toy poodle and two lovebirds. See more of her work online: