Love Circles the World

Written by Marion Young

Illustrated by Christina Mattison Ebert 


Love Circles the World showcases diversity through the lens of love. Embark on a journey across the globe visiting thirteen lovely lands in all. Travel the world from France to Brazil, from Egypt to Kenya, from Antarctica to America. 

Readers will experience the five senses within each country. See a gigantic dragon kite flying, hear drums rumbling, smell sweet lavender, taste tangy tortillas, and feel rain dripping into the palm of your hand. 

Love Circles the World demonstrates that saying "I love you" is essential, at times actions - loving actions - speak louder than words.

Children's Picture Book


40 pages

World Map


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"Love Circles the World is perfect for all kids (even this 85-year-old kid), especially preschool to third-grade youngsters. The poetry, pictures, and colors are amazing. I love the world map. And to include the flags of each selected nation is a real coup since it added more color, enhancing the visual effects of the book even further. Thanks a bunch for a well written and amply illustrated book."

                                                                                                                                                                           Ignacio Gonzalez, English Teacher, Retired


"Love Circles the World is an enchanting peek into cultures around the globe. Its message of family and love is so simple it’s sublime. The artwork is elegant and touching. Love Circles the World is certain to become a favorite, inspirational book children will read over and over. I’m a fan of Marion Young and hope she gives us many more such uplifting books in the future."  

                                                                                                                                                                         Margaret Lukas, author of Farthest House

Reviews of Love Circles the World

"The picture book Love Circles the World works on so many levels. Marion Young and illustrator Christina Mattison Ebert have fashioned a warm and magical trip that defines love. Children (and adults reading to children) will find all five senses engaged as they travel the world, exploring other countries and cultures while witnessing acts of love. This book shows children how to show love toward others. And this book is fun! I smiled a lot. I especially enjoyed the cleverly illustrated gondola ride inside the giant bowl of pasta in Italy. A highly recommended book." 


Christine DeSmet, fiction author and writing teacher,

University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Love Circles the World is a wonderful book. I am enthusiastic in the use of this book as a learning tool in regards for different cultures. It is artistic with stunning pictures and poetry."                                                                                                                                                                          Dr. Deena Gandhi

"Love Circles the World takes parents and children alike on a vibrant journey around the globe, fueled by the renewable resource of love. Through Christina Ebert's dynamic depictions, author Marion Young's words leap off the page and go straight into our children's hearts. This book is sure to leave the next generation feeling optimistic about the world, so their dreams may stay alive whether they are sleeping or wide awake!"         

                                                                                                                                                              Rabbi Marshal Klaven

                                                                                                                                                             Author of Taste of Torah: A Little Nosh of D'rash                                                                           





"Love Circles the World is a delightful book combing fun and fantasy while providing parents and teachers an educational tool to discuss feelings. Often children do not know how to express their emotions. Love Circles the World introduces children to feelings in a unique and engaging manner. It is only a short step from understanding the emtoions presented in the book and recognizing one's own. The author, Marion Young, skillfully gives children concrete ways to demonstrate the many facets of love. I highly recommend Love Circles the World." 


                                                               Dr. Shirley Gruen

                                                                  Clinical Psychologist